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We renew Everlite product range to meet the needs of our clients in modern, architechtual, environmentally friendly lighting. 

15 October 2019

The role of lighting in the home is not to be understated. Referred to as the ‘5th dimension of architecture’, a homes lighting design is key in both complimenting interior and exterior style, as well facilitating the wellbeing of the residents it houses due to the physiological effects of poor lighting.

15 September 2019

Human physiology is designed to react in different ways in response to different lighting. Why does an author feel inspired at night under a warm dimmed lamp? And why do surgeons need a white light in the operating theater to perform at maximum concentration? Productivity responds to lighting, which makes this a matter of ergonomics.

3 September 2019

Invented by American Inventor Nick Holonyak Jr in 1962, Light Emitted Diode (LED), as commonly believed, is a completely new energy saving lighting technology with series of advantages, for example, a much lower energy consumption and a much longer lifespan.

18 August 2019