Are you making a major renovation in your apartment? Everlite recessed downlights installation is to be considered. These lighting options are modern and easy to install. The lighting fixtures are virtually invisible, providing top-quality illumination. Due to wall washing effect, these perfect lights highlight your room, making it look bigger and perfectly stylish. Recessed lights are versatile. They are applicable anywhere: in your kitchen, hallways, bedroom or office. There are several control options as like dimmable, non-dimmable, DALI. The light intensity can be changed from 5 to 100%, depending on your needs and mood.

However, which type of trims is the best? They are the only visible parts of these fashionable fixtures, being not only decorative but functional. Reflector and baffle trims are the most popular choices. They are commonly confused, being both cone-shaped and made of metal. Meanwhile, baffle trims minimize glare, creating eye-friendly, non-flickering light. On the contrary, reflector cones are designed for boosting the brightness. Therefore, these lights are installed in different spaces, solving dissimilar illumination tasks.

Knowing the Types of Recessed Lights’ Trims Apart

Baffle trim is a cone-shaped part of the recessed light that stands out by ribbed surface. This feature is designed for softening the light, absorbing it. It reduces eye strain, being pretty comfortable and healthy. Therefore, the fixtures are suitable for task illumination, facilitating reading or sewing.

A reflector trim comes with smooth, polished-metal interior. They make it easy to direct the full lamps’ output to certain areas. These fixtures maximize brightness. So, they are used in places where extra amount of light is necessary. For example, they might be installed in various utility areas of your house, such as bathroom or kitchen. They would benefit a warehouse with high ceilings.

Baffle Trim vs. Reflector Cone

Now, when we know how both of these recessed lights work, let’s compare them. It helps us to opt for the ideal fixture that meets your lighting needs.

Similarities. Do reflector and baffle trims have something in common? Of course, they do. These reflector lights’ parts are similar by shape, materials and applications. Both of them are: easy to install; decorative; functional; designed for improving the illumination. Though baffle trims are meant for reducing brightness, reflector ones increase it, fixtures of both types improve the light. They are to meet your needs, the room application and size. As trims are integral parts of recessed lights, they are commonly sold in sets. You don’t have to install them separately. If you still do, it’s easy. A trim usually comes with 2-3 springs that are hooked to the holes in the can. Finally, all trims, regardless of their design, perform 3 basic functions, such as: decorative; concealing; directing.

They conceal internal parts of the lamps and wiring, that might look not too attractive. The trims secure them, protecting from moisture, impact of foreign matters or objects. They keep the internal parts and connections dust-free, prolonging their lifespan. Quite naturally, they decorate the recessed lights. But each of them does it in its own way. The concealed lamps’ shades’ surface might be shiny or matte, suiting your mood and space applications. All of them efficiently direct the beam of light, benefiting you with the spectacular wall washing effect. Therefore, recessed trims are necessary, and you definitely need them to install the fixtures.


Both baffle and reflector trims are parts of recessed lights that perform similar functions. However, some dissimilarities between them still exist. These accessories differ by: application areas; modes of operation; color; construction.


Baffle trims soften the light, reducing its brightness. Therefore, they are installed in the places where low light is beneficial. These fixtures are suitable for bedrooms, studies, nurseries. When you or your kid is asleep, soft, diffused light is comfortable. When you read or work on your PC, smooth, flicker-free illumination is healthy. It reduces fatigue and eye strain. If the ceiling in your living room is low, it might be a suitable option too. On the other side, reflector trims are typical for commercial applications. Being essential in the premises with high ceilings, like warehouses or workshops, hotels and offices, they provide excellent illumination to the key-note areas. Proper illumination would be necessary for your kitchen or dining room. Therefore, recessed lights that are equipped with reflector trims are widely used in various spaces.

Function and Construction

Taking on the same role, reflector and baffle trims still fulfill a bit different functions. Thanks to their ribbed interior, baffle trims absorb light. Relative dim, smooth light they produce, suits various activities, such as studying or reading. Working in tandem with LED bulbs and dimmer switches, baffle trims create suitable mood for the space and the time of day. They are still made of top-quality metal, featuring rugged constructions. So, they are beneficially durable and sturdy. Boosting the light, reflector trims with polished metal interiors increase brightness. They are durable and reliable, having long service lives that are measured in decades. It might be estimated as 23-36 years, depending on hours of operation per day and type of metal.


Coming with ribbed surface, baffle trims look like painted inside. This matte surface is commonly white by color, while it can be silver, black or custom. Polished surface of reflector trim looks like high gloss, gold, bronze or satin nickel. Meanwhile, commonly only the coating differs. The trims themselves are made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Pros and Cons of Baffle and Reflector Cones

Advantages of Baffle Trims: decorative; producing light that is comfortable to the eyes; flicker-free; durable; cost-effective; suitable for bedrooms and studies. However, the housing might be too tight for the trim. Additionally, color of the light beam might be deflected, looking dissimilar in various room interiors.

Advantages of Reflector Trims: producing bright light; shining and mirror-like; widely applicable; suitable for commercial and industrial applications; long-lasting; perfectly concealing internal parts of the lamps. Are there any drawbacks of these accessories? They produce bright light. If you install them in a small living room, you might feel uncomfortable.


Making a renovation, don’t forget to provide suitable illumination. It might factor into the way your room, kitchen or office looks, your mood and feel. If you opt for installation of recessed lights, it’s a good solution. These fixtures are modern, safe and durable. They highlight target areas of your rooms, creating favorable impression. As trims are the only visible parts of the fixtures, they might have some impact on the style and look of the room. Light intensity is to suit the space application, meeting your needs. Comparing the trims is not difficult and they are both metal, cone-shaped parts of recessed lights. Both accessories are beneficially durable, intuitive-to-install. They serve you for years, being low-maintenance, but decorative and functional.

The basic difference in the trim surface, color and performance. Baffle trims provide soft, eye-friendly light that would suit your bedroom or living room. This illumination is comfortable to read, craft something or just relax. Reflector trims might find their place in your kitchen or hallway. They can be installed in an office, hotel lobby or warehouse. So, now you easily find the ideal fixtures for your space, taking into account its design and ceiling height. Discover Everlite proposition to find the most suitable recessed downlight for your needs.