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At Everlite, we pride ourselves in being a key part of creating and providing our clients the perfect ambience in their lighting environment. Our company was founded in 2012 with the vision of offering comprehensive value to the lighting industry and creating a signature name by providing our clients with product engineering, designs and services to improve their lives and businesses. Over the past years, we have created a strong and growing network of like-minded business alliances through our personalised relationships with our clients.
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Side-mounted Architectural Track Luminaires

The side-mounted architectural track luminaires are specially designed for luxury locations.

11 June 2021
Baffle or Reflector: Which Type of Recessed Light Trim to Select?

Are you making a major renovation in your apartment? Everlite recessed downlights installation is to be considered. These lighting options are modern and easy to install. The lighting fixtures are virtually invisible, providing top-quality illumination. Due to wall washing effect, these perfect lights highlight your room, making it look bigger and perfectly stylish. Recessed lights are versatile. They are applicable anywhere: in your kitchen, hallways, bedroom or office. There are several control options as like dimmable, non-dimmable, DALI. The light intensity can be changed from 5 to 100%, depending on your needs and mood.

17 February 2020
Annual Everlite Product Catalogue available to download

We renew Everlite product range to meet the needs of our clients in modern, architechtual, environmentally friendly lighting. 

15 October 2019
The Ultimate Guide to Lighting Rooms in Domestic Spaces

The role of lighting in the home is not to be understated. Referred to as the ‘5th dimension of architecture’, a homes lighting design is key in both complimenting interior and exterior style, as well facilitating the wellbeing of the residents it houses due to the physiological effects of poor lighting.

15 September 2019
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